Methods of Upgrading an Old Laptop

There is always a temptation to get rid of the old and go with something new. For instance, if you are thinking that you will get rid of your older laptop and get a brand new one, we can understand. However, what you must note is that if you want to get a high performing laptop that is brand new, you will need to spend a good amount of money. Those can easily go for $600 or more. And depending on the features you want, you could be looking at spending near $1000 for a brand new laptop to replace your current one.

However, there are options that you can exercise if you do not want to spend that money. In fact, you could spend $250 to $300 and completely revamp the machine that you have right now. What you will want to do is get yourself a new hard drive, RAM kit and battery. A new battery will give you much more battery life, while a new hard drive ensures that your system will run so rapidly that you will think it is a brand new computer that you bought! And finally, the extra RAM allows you to run more programs at the same time.

When it comes to these upgrades, you have to go through a process. With the hard drive, you will take out the old one and stick the new one in the same spot. But then you will need to install Windows and all your programs on the computer again – while you will need to transfer your files from the old drive onto the new one. Upgrading RAM is much easier, as the sticks will go in the same slots as the old ones, and you do not need to do any software upgrades to make them work.