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International Symposium on Loess, soils and climate change in southern Eurasia

Gorgan, Northern Iran 15 – 19 October 2014 incl. 3 days of excursion and Post-excursion to the Basin of Persepolis, Zagros Mountains 21 – 23 October 2014

Loess, soils and climate change in southern Eurasia

We are now inviting submission of abstracts for individual papers and posters to be presented during the symposium. We kindly ask you to submit abstracts of oral or poster presentations before 20 June 2014.
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Kukla LOESSFEST‘14 - 7th Loess Seminar

International conference on Loess Research | Wrocław, Poland | 8-9 September, 2014

Kukla LOESSFEST ‘14 - 7th Loess Seminar

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the Kukla LOESSFEST ‘14 - 7th Loess Seminar which will be held in Wrocław, Poland, 8-9 September, 2014. It will also be an excellent opportunity to discover the beauty and variety of the environment and the culture of Central and Eastern Europe.
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International Conference on Atmospheric Dust - DUST 2014

Castellaneta Marina (TA), Italy | June 1-6, 2014

DUST 2014

The Italian Association for the Study of Clays (AISA) and the Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis (IMAA) are pleased to invite you to DUST 2014, the International Conference on Atmospheric Dust. The meeting provides an unique opportunity for mineralogists, physicists, geochemists, engineering, volcanologists, chemists and for many other specialists to share ideas and knowledge on the boundless world of the atmospheric particles. More on the conference check the official conference website »

Loess, soils and climate change in southern Eurasia

Conference (2 days) and excursions (1+2 days) | Gorgan, Iran, 15.-19.10.2014

Conveners: Martin Kehl, Farhad Khormali, Eva Lehndorff, Manfred Frechen.
Local Organizing Comittee: Farhad Khormali, Ali Shahriari, Stefan Vlaminck, Tobias Lauer.
First call will be published soon...
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INQUA Loess Focus Group Meeting in honour of Professor Ian Smalley

The University of Leicester, Leicester UK, 10th-12th September 2013

A meeting dedicated to interfaces between the various involved disciplines; also focussing on new regions where loess exploration and investigation is happening, geotechnical aspects of loess and new techniques to date and characterise loess material, and in particular aiming to look at the human/loess interface. Loess had a critical role to play in the development of human society.
The meeting will be held in honour of Professor Ian Smalley for his outstanding contribution to loess research over more than fifty years. Ian “pioneered fundamental studies of loess origin, lithologic characteristics and depositional processes” (Dodonov and Zhou, 2008).
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2nd Würzburger Loess Symposium: Palaeolandscapes of Middle and Late Pleistocene

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AGU FALL MEETING 2009As it was mentioned in 1st Circular, the aim of the meeting is to assemble experienced and young loess researchers to study loess in Poland and western Ukraine and to apply advanced and comparable methods in joint research. We will focus mainly on the Late Pleistocene loess-palaeosol sequences, trying to recognize their spatial differentiation within the Polish and Ukrainian parts of the European loess belt. The properties of the major lithostratigraphic units will be examined in respect of their significance as a potential tool for palaeoenvironmental reconstruction.
Oral and poster contributions dealing with new methods in loess research (including dating), stratigraphy, correlation, palaeopedology, periglacial features, loess sedimentology and other loess related items in regional or local context are invited.
Check the call for papers in PDF format here


AGU FALL MEETING 2009AGU is a worldwide scientific community that advances, through unselfish cooperation in research, the understanding of Earth and space for the benefit of humanity. AGU is a scientific society with a membership of 50,000 researchers, teachers, and students.
Mark your calendars today to attend the 2010 AGU Fall Meeting! The Fall Meeting is expected to draw a crowd of over 15,000 geophysicists from around the world.

The deadline for submission of abstracts is 03 September, 2010, 2359 EDT (Eastern Daylight Time).

Check the call for papers in PDF format here


by Ian Smalley

There should be loess in India; one would expect loess in India; the factors are all present to cause the existence of a large loess region in north India. What is required for the formation of a loess deposit? Some way of making the large amount of silt particles required; some way of distributing these across the landscape; some way of forming that characteristic deposit, and perhaps the right climatic conditions. To the east of High Asia is the iconic loess deposit in northern China, associated with the Yellow River; to the west of High Asia are the Central Asian loess deposits, associated with the Syr-Darya and Amu-Darya rivers; what loess to the south?... Find out more