The Versatility of Math and Economics Degrees

If you have been thinking about your future while you are in school, you are already on the right path. There are so many students who will spend all their time in school thinking that it is going to last forever. And sometimes it may feel that way, but what you must understand is that these years are going to pass. And when they do, it will be what you did in those years that determines how the rest of your life is going to go. You will want to work hard so you can find success.

But you will be rightfully wondering about what path you can take. And one path that we think you will want to learn more about is a dual degree in mathematics and economics. Now if you are wondering, why would I want to study these two subjects, we can talk to you about it a little bit. For one, we are going to give you the example of Bernard Bensaid, someone who did very well with these two degrees. As you can see from this Wikipedia page, this is a man who managed to find success in everything he attempted.

Bernard Bensaid

Sure, when you look at the example of Bernard Bensaid, we are not saying that every person who takes these two majors will find success. Some may not. But what we are saying is that if you are a good student, and you get those two degrees, you are putting yourself in a great positon for the future. Not only are you getting two very valuable and practical degrees, but you are also doing something that is going to take your life to another level. You can not only work within those fields, but you can get jobs or positions almost anywhere else.

If we look at the career of Mr. Bensaid, we can see that when you are completing these two majors, it is not only in these fields where you can find success. He has gone on to achieve great things in health care and real estate, not to mention the awards he won as an economist. So, it will be up to you regarding the specifics of what you are going to do in your life. But we think if you are looking at all the degrees available to you, these two are the most versatile options that you will find.

Sure, if you want to become a doctor or a dentist, then you should be going down that path. If you want to become a writer or you want to do something creative, then you down that direction. But if you are someone who wants to be a smart, productive member of society, but you are not 100 percent sure where you are fitting in right now, then we think these two degrees can be the bedrock that you can use to build the rest of your professional career. If you are doubting what you will major in – you may have found your solution!